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Educational Services

LaGrange Consulting has always been about educating customers about energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and sustainability. Sometimes the “educating” happens in the formal setting of a classroom environment.  LaGrange Consulting has provided many different courses from teaching homeowners how to air seal their homes to leading courses necessary for BPI certification. He currently teaches classes for builders and weatherization experts at LSU.

Paul LaGrange is an exceptional teacher who has the patience and know-how to educate builders, HVAC contractors, code officials, utility company workers, architects, tradesmen and homeowners on various topics related to building science, building codes, and energy efficiency.

Contact us today if you need a class taught on any related topics. We can offer classes at your venue or we can provide our own facility for the class. Whatever your educational needs, we’ve got you covered.

Here are just a few of the classes we’ve taught in the past:

• BPI Building Analyst and Building Envelope professional classes
• Residential and commercial contractor continuing education classes on energy efficiency
• HVAC Weatherization and inspection (LaCAP)
• Combustion Basics and CAZ
• HVAC inspection class
• Blower door and duct blaster usage
• Air sealing your home
• Electric Baseload (LaCAP)
• 2009 IECC Building Code Changes (for builders and subcontractors)
• Mastering the 2009 IECC Code (for building code officials)
• Installation of Spray Foam – The Building Science Behind It
• Indoor Air Quality
• Whole house Energy Efficiency – Treating the house as a system
• Do-It-Yourself Energy Efficiency
• Walls that work
• Choosing products that help you achieve your energy performance target
• Keep it dry – flashing sealing & moisture control
• Introduction to Energy Gauge Software
• Building a Home that Pays and Saves
• Building Science Basics
• Pressure and Thermal Boundaries
• Proper ventilation concepts
• Energy Efficient Mortgages
• Foam Performance – Code Compliance
• Foam Performance – HVAC criteria
• Heat and Cooling Your Home
• Working with your contractor
• Energy Efficiency Opportunities During Major Reconstruction
• Zone Pressure Diagnostics
• Home Energy Audits, Green Refunds and many more